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As Nyssia in Zemlinsky's Der König Kandaules Vienna Volksoper

  • Meagan Miller, who two years ago debuted at the Volksoper with a very good Ariadne, as Nyssia fulfilled the great expectations built up for her.

    Oper in Wien
  • Meagan Miller as Nyssia doesn't just have a great voice. She also is theatrically beautiful and creates both the injured woman who is used for her beauty, and the revenge-taking woman, to perfection.

    Neue Merker(EH)
  • The cast is also excellent. The standout was Meagan Miller’s luminous, clear soprano in the role of Nyssia, aided by her graceful, natural stage presence. Miller will sing Strauss’s Daphne at the Wiener Staatsoper next season; hers is a career to watch.

  • Also fantastic was the so-beautiful-coveted-by-two-men Nyssia - Meagan Miller can add to her Ariadne success another "crown jewel". The jugendlich-dramatik role also requires the golden cantilena of the high-Strauss sopranos and Meagan Miller can really show this off.

    Neue Merker(PD)
  • Meagan Miller offered vocal luxury in golden profusion

    Der Standard
  • Fabulous protagonists: Meagan Miller was a lyrical and equally Hochdramatik Queen Nyssia

  • The voices employ the entire color palette from arioso all the way to melodrama: Meagan Miller as a blossoming Nyssia

    Die Presse
  • As Nyssia, Meagan Miller displayed a warm, radiant soprano in her love scene, turning fierce in betrayal.

    Opera News
  • Noble Nyssia: Meagan Miller inspired as the beautiful queen Nyssia with fine lyricism, but also with dramatic outbursts full of passion.

    Kronen Zeitung
  • The wonderful Meagan Miller as Nyssia completely convinced, as much through her portrayal of the Queen as through her distinctive soprano. Starting oversensitive and chaste, she declared her night with Gyges her most beautiful night of love, finally called for the assassination of her spouse and crowned Gyges the new king.

    Der Neue Merker(UP)