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4/2017: as Minnie in MOT's Fanciulla

  • "Meagan Miller was a top shelf Minnie, wielding Wagnerian spinto power with the brilliant timbre of a Mozart Countess, complemented by a stunning upper extension. Her sublime control and bold characterization kept the audience in the palm of her hand."
    -Jennifer Goltz, OPERA NEWS, In Review

    "Minnie is a woman with a heart of gold, and soprano Meagan Miller gives her a voice to match (Melissa Citro alternates on April 9). Although she is basically courted by every man in her saloon, she good naturedly acts as mother, sister, nurse and friend to all of them."
    - Patrice Nolan, ENCORE MI, MOT's Girl of the Golden West is Gold Indeed

As Minnie in La Fanciulla del West, Monte Carlo

  • Outstanding was the young American soprano Meagan Miller, an ideal Minnie, whose lyrical soprano voice, radiant high and measured in declamation, never falls into the trap of verismo effects. What's more, she is a very beautiful woman and an interpreter pertinently attentive to the psychology of the character; phrasing without sentimentality, but with a frank and sincere femininity, which hides behind the facade of strong and energetic woman, forced to live in the midst of a crew of drunken miners, the tenderness of a woman who redeems her love through the conquest of what is most dear: the serenity of the domestic affections.

  • Even realism in the last act where the choice of her heart has finally escaped hanging, thanks to the strength of conviction of Minnie, but with emotion, not a revolver. Upon her entrance to the stage - shot fired in the air - the great young American Meagan Miller wins in the title role: the voice type is a dramatic soprano with a spectacular projection in the high register.

    Scènes Magazine: Actualité

As Minnie in Puccini's La Fanciulla del West Teatro Massimo di Palermo

  • Minnie was a young, attractive and athletic American soprano, Meagan Miller with the physique du rôle. Hers is a very taxing part, often entrusted to Wagnerian singers (the late Birgit Nilsson, Deborah Voigt and Eva-Maria Westbroek) and to soprano assoluto (the late Renata Scotto, Carol Neblett, Magda Oliviero, Giovanna Casolla). She did a first class job of both acting and singing.

  • Meagan Miller sang an accurate, tonally beautiful, compelling, and generous Minnie in Palermo for the centennial (Dec 10, 2010), opposite Salvatore Licitra (well cast and in robust voice) and Roberto Frontali.
  • Attractive and sympathetic Meagan Miller was a brave fighter as Minnie

    Neue Merkur
  • In the title role - more than appropriate to interpret Minnie with beauty, musicality and perfect diction - the young American soprano Meagan Miller -- little known in Italy, but engaged in since the previous decade, with particular successes in the last year in Europe. The artist has a good singing line, with a nice extended lyrical spinto, refined and rich in harmonics. In extreme low and in the central area the voice is lyrical, and rises with confidence and intensity above the staff - including the C sharp - without force and above all without "screaming" in this complex and contradictory character.
  • Coming to grips imperviously with the rugged vocal writing, Meagan Miller proves to be a credible Minnie vocally and theatrically.

    La Repubblica
  • The interpretation of Minnie by the very beautiful soprano Meagan Miller (do you remember the beauty and voice of Anna Moffo?), was passionate in the first act Romanza "Laggiu nel Soledad.

    Lions Palermo dei Vespri
  • The splendid Meagan Miller (one of the best American singers), who even without her blonde wig would resemble Marlene Dietrich in "Rancho Notorious" or Joan Crawford in "Johnny Guitar" or Jeanne Moreau in "Viva Maria": shoots, not only adorable high B naturals and Cs from her chest, but also bullets for a good cause.

    Il Velino