Reviews - Opera

As Elisabeth in Tannhäuser, New National Theatre Tokyo

  • Meagan Miller who achieved the star-crossed Elisabeth with her powerful, rich voice and acting skill helped to perform the miracle onstage.

    Onkagu-no-Tomo Magazine
  • Meagan Miller (Elisabeth) emerged as a pure princess that everyone adores at first, and beautifully played a fierce woman who devoted her life for Tannhäuser in the end. She also has a lush voice and the stage presence, which is as if she brightens up the whole stage.

    The Senkai Shimbun
  • ...but especially Elisabeth (Meagan Miller) had a generous stage presence. It is a great advantage for her being not only tall and excellent looking for the stage but also a rich and deep voice.

    The Yomuiri Shimbun
  • Meagan Miller as Elisabeth and Elena Zhidkova as Venus made a radiant-eyed women's team, leading in singing and drama.

    Yomuiri Shimbun (Evening Edition)