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As Richard Strauss' Daphne at the Vienna State Opera

  • Daphne: Richard Strauss to Rave About
    M. Miller, floating, powerful in a gleaming debut
    In the center stands a new Daphne, who can do justice to the eminent demands: to grow from many lightning-clean coloratura-decorated flower greetings to appropriate mythic greatness. Already in the pivotal duet with Apollo, Meagan Miller mixed into her at first light and floating soprano more and more powerful colors. During the lament for Leukippos the delicate nymph transformed into a suffering woman of flesh and blood - and rich, vibrant forte phrases in all registers allowed us to guess that here grows an empress for future "Frau ohne Schatten" productions.

    Die Presse
  • As Daphne, the American soprano Meagan Miller brought a wealth of quality to the role (December 10 saw her State Opera debut in the part). Her timbre and attack are occasionally reminiscent of Gwyneth Jones in her prime. The top gleams and responds with ease, and the tone is ample to allow a good range of dynamic contrast, without capitulating to the pit or forcing her tone beyond comfort.

    The Opera Critic
  • Soaring to Musical Heights with Daphne
    Meagan Miller gave a sensational house debut as Daphne: Her warm soprano timbre unfolded with full luminosity, secure highs and impeccable symmetry of projection from the opening monologue through the touching final scene.

    Wiener Zeitung
  • Vocal Luxury, Viennese Passion
    Sovereign Daphne
    Meagan Miller-what a wonderful Nyssia she was in the König Kandaules at the Vienna Volksoper, gave her [State Opera] house debut with a sovereign Daphne – with grounded strength and uniform radiance.

    Der Standard
  • Daphne, which was given by Meagan Miller with uniform, grounded strength. In the end, solid, friendly applause for singers and conductor.

  • Delicious treat for opera fans
    Debutante Meagan Miller is a fabulous Daphne in every way, who in addition to the highest vocal dramatics is also capable of fine lyricism. Miller's soprano sails through all the high notes, but also convinces in the low depths.

  • Strauss in luxury class:
    Meagan Miller is a freshly active, spirited Daphne. With her rich, radiant soprano, she leads us into the longing of her fantasies, webbed into the depths of her dream world. In flawless beauty, she sings Strauss's wide spanning cantilena, presents the wealth of melodic ideas with perfection, and delights with her solo scenes. Impressing with her textual clarity, her high register shining, her warmth radiating. And in the lyrical finale, when Daphne flees from the passion of the god Apollo and transforms into a laurel tree, she makes palpable the flight of her soul into a mythical idyll.

    Kronen Zeitung